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Do i need a Chinese sourcing partner ?

A Chinese sourcing partner is a company or someone in China who will assist you in finding the products you wish to purchase.

A Chinese sourcing partner is a skilled facilitator for your work; whether you need one or not depends on where you want to concentrate your efforts. If you want to work on expanding your network, creating a product, speaking to clients, expanding your market, or working with your team overseas, for example, leaving the sourcing to a professional will save you countless hours of work and conversations. You may concentrate on what you do best by saving time, too.

Many still believe that locating a supplier in China is straightforward and that all they need to do is sign up on websites like, 1688, made-in-China, and others. Indeed, those platforms are quite helpful, and while they might be one of the elements in a very basic sourcing process, that is not a professional sourcing. Although the suppliers on these platforms are frequently not the factories themselves, this does not preclude you from making purchases from them. Of course, it’s possible, but a skilled sourcing expert in China will look directly at the main source whether you’re interested in developing a product, receiving factory costs, or customizing your product.

For instance, if you are a product developer and you rely on a very excellent sourcing agency, your intended product will achieve quality, price, and the desired differentiation since you will work with a good supplier and the communication will be much better.

Therefore, avoid turning your sourcing into a time-consuming, exhausting process of communicating with suppliers; instead, maximize your efforts by outsourcing this activity to a person who will understand both, the supplier’s and your demands.

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